COVID-19 Information to Know from the FDX MEC

As of 11/21, we are aware of 3,251 FedEx pilots who have tested positive for COVID-19

As of mid-October 2022, we are fortunate that the amount of positive COVID-19 cases has greatly decreased in both quantity and severity, and many/most areas have reopened around the globe. Having said that, however, many continue to suffer from the transmission of this terrible virus. ALPA gets reports of pilots testing positive—both domestically and overseas—and requiring isolation. Should you test positive, please notify the Company ASAP through the COVID Reporting Form found on VIPS. Be diligent about checking your Company e-mail as the Company’s primary means of communication with you.
Should you have questions about guidance from a Duty Officer or Fleet Management, or the May 2022 COVID-19 Vaccination and Medical Measures MOU, or anything else COVID-related, leave a voice mail with the FDX ALPA COVID Safety Working Group through the ALPA MEM number, (901) 752-8749, Option 6. We try to return phone calls within 8 hours--if not much sooner--depending on our volunteers’ flying/sleep schedules. You are also welcome to file a DART Report (Issue Type: Coronavirus) which will alert several people to your situation rapidly. If you have detailed questions about your paycheck, please contact Contract Enforcement, by either phone or DART.
If you are “down” with COVID, regaining your health as quickly as possible should be your primary goal. We recommend you seek proper medical guidance and care either in-person, or virtually through an app such as Live Health Online: There are doctors standing by 24/7/365 to conduct a virtual appointment on your phone, iPad, or laptop. If needed, they can write prescriptions as dictated by your health requirements, and you can even have those delivered remotely in many parts of the world. When you are finally completely recovered, and ready to call back in WELL, these same doctors can provide a return-to-work note. ALPA highly recommends any prior-positive international fliers obtain such a doctor’s note to provide upon request when transiting international CIQ. This note can be hard-copy or saved digitally to your phone/iPad. ALPA also recommends this note be signed by a doctor (MD or DO) versus a physician’s assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner.

If you have information with regard to operational impacts as it relates to coronavirus, then:
1) Submit an INSITE report and 2) Submit an ALPA DART with trip sequence and full details to the "Coronavirus" category.

Additional Resources

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