12/16/20: COVID Cases and Testing

As the spike in cases continues around the globe, we are seeing several pilots removed from duty due to close contact status with positive family members. Please consider taking every opportunity you have to get tested before possibly exposing your fellow crew members. A positive test while on a trip will normally place several other crew members in a lengthy …


The Company has informed us that future KIX layovers will allow some movement outside of the hotel. Unfortunately, the KIX area just went under an emergency order that will delay any of these changes until at least 15Dec. When allowed, the changes will be detailed in the hotel “welcome letter.”


Flights to these areas, including turns, require additional action that must be completed before arrival. Not having all paperwork, emails, etc. complete before arrival can result in unnecessary delays. See the CIQ for necessary info.

12/1/20: KIX Layover Quarantine Changes

The Company has informed us that KIX layovers will now allow some movement outside of the hotel. The specific rules and allowances will be printed on the hotel “welcome letter.” This change is only for KIX as of this time.

12/1/20: Paris and Dubai COVID Testing

FCIF 20-0863 announced optional COVID testing in Paris at the Airport Marriott hotel and Pullman Bercy hotel and FCIF 20-0856 announced optional COVID testing in Dubai at the airport.

12/1/20: Country Rules and CIQ Procedures Update

Pilots continue to encounter many problems – often with deadheads – that can be alleviated by reviewing this document on PFC. This document contains the pertinent information you need and should be the first place as you prepare. Please read the document first and then call the Duty Officer if you still have any questions.   Some recent issues include: CANADA: …

11/17/20: COVID Increase

There has been an uptick in positive COVID cases among crew members recently. As cases increase around the country, many U.S. cities are implementing new restrictions and increasing enforcement. Violations can result in fines. Please be cognizant of local restrictions.  With more positive cases come more crews in quarantine due to close contact status. As you are planning for your …

11/17/20: Operational Jumpseats

The COVID Travel MOU allows for operational jumpseats in bidpack trips with limitations – particularly limiting the number of 767 jumpseats. It does not, however, affect revisions, x-pairings, or personal jumpseats. Although rarely used in pre-COVID times, it is important to note that business necessity deadheads on Company jumpseats are contractually allowed in some situations (8.A.3.c and 8.A.3.e). When there is a revision, CRS is …

11/17/20: Paris COVID Testing

FCIF 20-0186 announced optional COVID testing in Paris at the Airport Marriott hotel. Most pairings that layover in Paris and subsequently operate to HKG are being moved to the Airport Marriott hotel to facilitate the testing. If your pairing has not moved and you desire to get a test in Paris, please complete an INSITE or, if time is critical, …