The COVID Safety Working group is adamantly aware of the continuing stress placed on our crews these days. We’re in the middle of the longest stretch in daily “peak type” volumes with an incredible amount of revisions and extensions to many trips. The quarantines placed on many layovers are not allowing the normal “reset” and stress release that typically provide the necessary balance between duty and rest. Add family issues, fatigue, a political election, and a hot summer and the work environment really becomes difficult. Be cognizant and prudent on how you choose to unwind during this time. The Pilot Assistance Team Hotline has received a 75 percent increase in contacts and is always available to you.

  • Masks: The Company reiterated mask policy in FCIF 20-0664 – the policy is very specific. Regardless of how you may personally feel about mask-wearing, please help your crew members out and adhere to the corporate policy. When in doubt, wear a mask.
  • Professional Standards: The difficult work environment can lead to some tense situations between crew members. Prior to trying to resolve issues with fellow crew members through Flight Management, we urge you, whenever possible, to consider contacting ProStans first. The issue can usually be resolved in a quicker and satisfactory fashion without unnecessary management involvement. We are all on the same team here.
  • Layovers and quarantine: As previously mentioned, the ALPA COVID team continues to receive PDRs concerning FedEx crews being restricted to hotel or room quarantine while crews from other air carriers appear not to be. We have inquired about this with specific examples multiple times with the Company and will continue to do so. They have told us that they are not imposing any extra restrictions on crews but are following the strict rules some countries are imposing regardless of what other carriers are doing. Furthermore, they have told us that they would like to return layovers to normal status as soon as allowed. We will continue to press them on the differences and inquire about any possible relief that can be gained.