Our ALPA COVID team has reviewed several PDRs from pilots with concerns over improper pay protection when deemed COVID-19 positive/symptomatic/close contact. The Medical MOU provides the contractual language, please contact us with any questions. The Company’s Positive, Symptom and Close Contacts letters can be found on PFC. If you have concerns, please submit a PDR.

We recently were made aware of a pilot on a layover in the States who sat on a park bench to rest after jogging and received a citation with court case by local police for not wearing a mask. Please be sure to continually review all local rules and Company FCIFs during this ever-changing time.

There have been cases where international ramps have tried to offer a COVID-19 test to pilots with the idea of facilitating their debarkation. The ONLY current location that requires a COVID-19 test is processing into HKG. If you are asked to test anywhere, it’s recommended you contact the Duty Officer to confirm the current requirements.