The Association has been made aware of two categories of pilots that are being denied Bid Line Adjustments.

  1. Pilots who have in the past tested positive for COVID-19 (virus or antibodies) or were part of the three evacuation flights from Shanghai and Guangzhou are being denied BLAs to trips involving activities in China or Hong Kong. The Company is referencing 25.N.3.b (“legal to operate”) and objective criteria submissions (2.123) sections of the contract to justify the denials. 
  2. Pilots who do not have a current China visa are being denied BLAs to trips involving activities to China, Hong Kong and “buffer countries” to include Japan, Australia, Philippines, Ukraine, and Taiwan. They are justifying the denials from objective criteria submissions (2.123).

Note that the denials only affect bid line adjustments and not monthly bid awards. If you are awarded a trip and unable to operate it due to the restrictions above, you should expect to be removed and placed in substitution. 

If you have questions, please fill out a PDR and select “Coronavirus” on the drop-down menu.