Pilots continue to encounter many problems – often with deadheads – that can be alleviated by reviewing this document on PFC. Recommend you consider this document like NOTAMs and look at it a few days before a trip begins and then again before every duty period as critical information is regularly updated. This document contains the pertinent information you need and should be the first place as you prepare. The ADDITIONAL RESOURCES tab typically contains supplements to the CIQ page but you should always review the CIQ document first. Some recent issues include:

HNL: All flights into HNL, both deadheads and operational, require a QR code that must be obtained through an app – detailed instructions are on the CIQ page for HNL which is under United States.

CDG: Many pilots have reported difficulty deadheading into Paris – often barely making the flight before block out. The problems, when they happen, seem to occur with all airlines from all locations flying into CDG. Some pilots report problems even when following all CIQ procedures and showing up with the required paperwork. There are detailed requirements on the CIQ page that should be reviewed. As always, if there are problems at check-in or boarding, after reviewing the CIQ, the Duty Officer is your best avenue for assistance.

ICN: All deadheads into ICN and some deadheads out continue to layover at the airside transit hotel. As a reminder, if you do layover at the transit hotel, there is no easy way to retrieve any checked luggage as you will not be clearing customs and processing into Korea. APAC and Europe layovers should still allow laundry expenses so that you can more easily take carry on luggage only.

SYD: Deadhead travel into SYD requires a Crew Travel Authority (CTA) that the Company will request for you. Typically you will receive an email from the Company with this information on it and past experience has shown that having this information present and printed, although not required, at flight check-in can be helpful.

The Australian government is applying new quarantine restrictions to pilots who have layovers scheduled longer than 72 hours. The Company is aware and you should not normally have a layover over 72 hours. If you do, due to a revision or oversight, please contact the Duty Officer to inquire about the current status of Australian quarantines.

Some pilots have reported incidents of SYD airport security taking liquid items in carry-on luggage during airport screening on both deadheads and operational legs. Please submit an INSITE and PDR if this happens to you. 

Please continue to fill out PDRs when encountering difficulties or any experience that may be useful for other pilots to understand. With changes happening so often during this period, your PDRs are often the only way that we know of incidents. Even if your problem is solved or you’ve spoken to someone on the phone about it, please follow up with a PDR.