9/30/20: Xtra Pairings = Xtra Caution

“There I was, checking Open Time when a truly sweet XTRA pairing drops in. Double-deadhead to a city where I can escape the hotel? Max pay for Min block hours? Daytime? I think I’ll take that one!”

While we are just as eager as the next guy to scoop up a “good deal” trip, please always remember that whenever you see an XTRA pairing, you should use XTRA caution when operating it. Said XTRA pairing has NOT gone through the PSIT/SIG vetting process and has NOT been in a bid-pack which has been scoured for CBA compliance, FAA legality, and fatigue management, etc. While the Company planners do their absolute best to comply with all the above, there is absolutely no multiple-level screening of what is built. They depend on you, the pilots operating that trip, to double-check their work. 

Also, be cognizant of the differences in CBA treatment of an XTRA pairing, especially when it is awarded via Draft, Volunteer, or Makeup. Think that XTRA pairing will survive to the end in its “original, non-revised” version? Maybe yes, maybe no–Caveat Emptor.     So whenever you see the opportunity to make XTRA dollars, always remember that YOU are the last line in the safety chain, the only one who can prevent the “Swiss cheese holes” of an accident from lining up. Please continue to Fly Safe, Be Safe.