As you know, revised and extra pairings do not receive the same vetting process as original bid pack trips. As such, they follow slightly different rules in the CBA and can often be arduous. Remember that whenever you see an XTRA pairing, you should use XTRA caution when operating it. Said XTRA pairing has NOT gone through the PSIT/SIG vetting process and has NOT been in a bid-pack which has been scoured for CBA compliance, FAA legality, and fatigue management, etc. While the Company planners do their best to comply with all the above, there is absolutely no multiple-level screening of what is built or later revised. They depend on you, the pilots operating that trip, to double-check their work. That being all said, some revisions and xtra pairings contain segments that aren’t always logical and can sometimes be changed through a timely PDR or, if last-minute, call to the Duty Officer. Examples of parings that can sometimes be fixed if enough time exists :

  • operational Jumpseat where a known, legal, similar passenger flight exists
  • long possibly unnecessary layover at a poor quarantine location where a better layover location is possible