10/27/20: Country Rules and CIQ Procedures Update

Pilots continue to encounter many problems – often with deadheads – that can be alleviated by reviewing this document on PFC. Recommend you consider this document like NOTAMs and look at it a few days before a trip begins and then again before every duty period as critical information is regularly updated. This document contains the pertinent information you need and should be the first place as you prepare. The ADDITIONAL RESOURCES tab typically contains supplements to the CIQ page but you should always review the CIQ document first. Some recent issues include:

CRK/MNL: FCIF 20-0753 detailed new requirements for all flights to the Philippines including crew members providing copies of passport images. Please review the CIQ information for complete requirements prior to any flights to CRK or MNL.

NRT: We have received several reports of customs agents carefully screening all luggage upon entry at NRT.  Please be mindful to declare everything required – pilots have been threatened with fines in addition to the required duties on some items.

CDG: Paris has recently instituted a curfew from 2100-0600. Crews need to complete and carry the exemption letter found in the CIQ for ground transport during those hours.