11/17/20: Country Rules and CIQ Procedures Update

Pilots continue to encounter many problems – often with deadheads – that can be alleviated by reviewing this document on PFC. This document contains the pertinent information you need and should be the first place as you prepare. Please read the document first and then call the Duty Officer if you still have any questions.  Some recent issues include:

ANC: Anchorage has increased enforcement of its mask mandate and is threatening violators with fines starting at $50. 

CAN: Your PDRs were instrumental in helping to expedite the change in hotels. When the new hotel is incorporated, please complete PDRs with detailed info as to your experience.

CDG: A partial shutdown is in effect and pilots will need to carry the personalized exemption form when you transit between the airport and hotel to avoid fines.

CRK/MNL: FCIF 20-0753 detailed new requirements for all flights to the Philippines including crew members providing copies of passport images. Please review the CIQ information for complete requirements prior to any flights to CRK or MNL.

HNL: Be sure to complete the QR code and have the Hawaii Exemption Letter printed and ready for submission upon entry.  Some pilots are encountering difficulties when deadheading to HNL on a passenger flight utilizing the Exemption Letter . If you have a problem, please submit a PDR and INSITE detailing it.

PVG: FCIF 20-0828 detailed new requirement for all flights to Shanghai including crew members providing copies of passport images. Please review the CIQ information for complete requirements.