11/17/20: COVID Increase

There has been an uptick in positive COVID cases among crew members recently. As cases increase around the country, many U.S. cities are implementing new restrictions and increasing enforcement. Violations can result in fines. Please be cognizant of local restrictions. 

With more positive cases come more crews in quarantine due to close contact status. As you are planning for your trips, consider the possibility of being quarantined due to COVID positive/close contact necessitating a much longer time away from home. If you are on prescribed medication, do you have a sufficient supply? Are your family and home life prepared “just in case?”

 As the Company incorporates HKG layovers with government testing and possible quarantines based on positive cases, it is even more important to get tested whenever able. If you are on reserve and you get a short call for an international trip and have difficulty getting an option COVID test, contact the Duty Officer for assistance.