12/1/20: Country Rules and CIQ Procedures Update

Pilots continue to encounter many problems – often with deadheads – that can be alleviated by reviewing this document on PFC. This document contains the pertinent information you need and should be the first place as you prepare. Please read the document first and then call the Duty Officer if you still have any questions.  

Some recent issues include:

CANADA: All flights to Canada now require all pilots to enter data into an app before departing. Please review the CIQ for detailed information. 

PVG: FCIF 20-0828 detailed new requirement for all flights to Shanghai including crew members providing copies of passport images. Please review the CIQ information for complete requirements.

CDG DEADHEADS:  If traveling on American or United on a deadhead to Paris, please be sure to review the CIQ for important changes and requirements