12/16/20: COVID Cases and Testing

As the spike in cases continues around the globe, we are seeing several pilots removed from duty due to close contact status with positive family members. Please consider taking every opportunity you have to get tested before possibly exposing your fellow crew members. A positive test while on a trip will normally place several other crew members in a lengthy quarantine at a minimum. The threat of close contact quarantines can sometimes be as great as actually getting the virus. Often these quarantines are overseas and lengthy. 

The Company has made testing available at several locations, including newly added CDG and DXB. In addition to the Abbott quick test, the Company has contracted out free testing for crew members at locations around the country with results typically available in 24-48 hours. When Company testing is not easily available, some pilots have chosen to get a test in their home towns – many of these tests are covered by insurance (see recent R&I message in Positive Rate). Should you decided to get any test other than the Abbott quick test, it’s imperative that results be returned prior to departing on a trip to avoid putting other crew members in jeopardy (See recent FCIF 20-0901). 

Many of your crew members have become concerned about some of the relaxation they see on pilots wearing masks at AOC. Regardless of how you personally feel about wearing masks, there are several of your fellow crew members that are concerned. It is nothing more than a minor inconvenience to wear it and it is required by FedEx Corporate policy in most places.

Additionally, we know packed jumpseats continue to be an issue. If you find yourself on a scheduled jumpseat that is crowded, and a different legal option is available (e.g. earlier/later flights, commercial flight, etc), please contact CRS or the Duty Officer (time-critical) — be a strong advocate for yourself.

Please consider the following:

  1. Whenever able, get a test prior to a trip using the FedEx/Abbott quick test.
  2. If you decide to get a different test, be sure the results are IN HAND before departing on a trip.
  3. Consider separating yourself from other crew members to the extent possible on layovers and jumpseats.
  4. Wear your mask properly whenever required— especially on Company property indoors.