1/12/21: FRA Testing + DXB COVID Tests + ICN Deadhead Changes

The current COVID CIQ says “Crewmembers may be subject to a COVID test up to 10 days after entry.” We have received reports from crew members deadheading to FRA that have encountered this testing. Please be sure to call the Duty Officer when this happens to verify current regulations and method of payment for the test.

We recently had a flight crew member opt to take a COVID test in DXB prior to his flight to JNB (as highly recommended)  and the result was positive. The CIQ says that hospital stay is not required, but it took some convincing of local authorities by ramp personnel to ensure he was moved to a quarantine hotel instead. Be sure to contact the Duty Officer immediately if you test positive whenever on a trip.

FCIF 21-0011 announced new ICN travel restrictions requiring a negative COVID test within 72 hours prior to a passenger flight to ICN with no crew member exemptions.