1/12/21: HKG Testing What to Expect

We have now had multiple pilots test positive upon arrival in HKG. Please try to get tested prior to any flights to HKG – as close to your departure time to HKG as possible.

  • All crew members transiting the ramp should expect to be COVID tested – this includes same duty deadheads. If you remain on the ramp your entire time in HKG, you should not be tested.  
  • If crew members are on a deadhead, jumpseat or operational flight where another crew member has a positive test, you should expect a phone call from the HKG authorities to determine close contact status. Be careful and attentive to this, and to the maximum extent possible, try to isolate yourself from different crews to avoid being determined a close contact. 
  • FCIF 20-0809 detailed what Company expectations were should you test positive for COVID or are determined to be a close contact in HKG.
  • CIQ details requirements for layovers to “test and hold” in hotel for at least 24 hours unless test results received before. We have had at least one crew member receive an alert call that would have had him leaving prior to the 24 hours without a test result – be sure to contact CRS if this happens to you.
  • Based on the experience of other pilots in HKG, if you do test either positive or “indeterminate,” you should expect to be immediately transported by ambulance to either the hospital or expo center and will receive additional confirmation testing. You may also receive blood draws and chest x-rays as part of the evaluation.
  • As no medevacs of a crew member have successfully taken place in HKG from a positive case, you should plan on worst case scenario which may involve several weeks in country and, as always, be sure to properly pack sufficient prescription meds and any other necessary items.
  • Once you check out of the Marriott hotel, it is very difficult to check back in without an additional COVID test. If you encounter this due to aircraft maintenance or scheduling changes after checking out be sure to contact the Duty Officer for assistance.