1/27/21: COVID-19 Vaccine

We know that some states are currently making the vaccine available to transportation workers. Vaccine delivery is done by locality within the U.S. As of this time, the Company has not published any guidance to pilots and has not requested any sort of priority in distribution from government authorities.

FedEx flight crew members are typically considered essential workers and covered under the “transportation” category for phase qualification of the vaccine – the actual tier varies state to state.

ALPA National issued an update on the COVID vaccine on 28Dec with the following important information:

  • The FAA has only approved use of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines at this time
  • A 48-hour no fly/no safety-related-duty interval must be observed after each dose
  • Before returning to duty, pilots should be free of any significant side effects from the vaccine.

CDC website contains information about the administration of the COVID vaccine in the U.S. Current recommendations for administering the 2nd dose of the vaccine are:

  • Pfizer vaccine – 3 weeks apart 
  • Moderna vaccine – 4 weeks apart 

It notes there is no absolute maximum interval between the first and second dose and the series should not be restarted if the second dose is given the maximum of 4 days early. If you opt to get the vaccine, please keep the windows in mind.