1/27/21: Medical MOU/Positive/Close Contact

If you are a presumed COVID positive or assume you are COVID positive but do not, for any reason, have an actual positive test result, please contact ALPA via DART or phone call so we can help guide you. We have had recent situations where pilots were led to believe they would be afforded all the pay protections of the Medical MOU without a positive COVID test and were disappointed when those pay protections didn’t apply. 

We have had reports from COVID positive crewmembers of lingering symptoms including fatigue weeks after most symptoms had subsided. If you are in the COVID protocol, give careful consideration to your entire health and the complete absence of all possible COVID symptoms before returning from NOQ status. The Medical MOU provides pay protection for up to 60 days. Once you are determined to be COVID positive or a close contact by competent authority, referencing the Positive and Close Contact Letters on PFC/COVID-19/ ADDITIONAL RESOURCES may help with what to expect.  Your Fleet Manager can also assist.  However, we are encountering a recent uptick in the Company not properly applying the pay protections provisions of  the Medical MOU.  If you have any concerns at all, you are encouraged to file a DART for assistance.