Crewmembers continue to encounter problems on some international deadheads. In most cases, the airline agents are unaware of the exemptions allowed for crew member travel. There is no easy way around this. You should be prepared for this and plan accordingly. 

  • Be sure to begin your review with the CIQ – rather than the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES tab – the CIQ typically contains all the information you need and should be reviewed before every flight – especially deadheads. 
  • Whenever possible, bring hard copies of letters and exemptions with typed entry where required
  • Checking in with an actual agent at a desk rather than an online check in reduces the chance of problems at boarding.
  • Delta Airlines: We continue to get numerous reports of difficulty with Delta on international flights. It is best to have hard copies of any required exemption letters with typed entry (as opposed to handwritten) available. If you encounter a boarding issue while traveling on Delta, please politely ask the gate agent to contact their Global Assistance Center (GAC) or Airport Customer Service (ACS). If the issue is still not resolved, contact the DO immediately. 
  • Japan Deadheads: Some gate agents have requested a QR code for international deadheads. Refer to CIQ for updated details.