2/17/21: Medical MOU Discrepancies

There have been a number of discrepancies between how the Company is handling COVID related NOQ cases and what the MOU says. Some important items to note:

  • If you are determined to be a positive case, you will get a letter from the PAC titled “MEDICAL ABSENCE INFORMATION AND RETURN TO WORK REQUIREMENTS.” This letter incorrectly says you will be placed in a PAY ONLY status for monthly bidding. Paragraph A of the Medical MOU says, “You will be eligible to bid for an actual line of flying.” This appears to be more of an incorrect letter from the PAC (that is very difficult to change for some reason) and not an actual incorrect procedure the Company is administering.
  • A pilot can be awarded a secondary line; however, if the pilot is restricted from entering/transitioning an area (i.e., HKG and China), the pilot may not be assigned trips on the secondary line to those areas.
  • If you have an open COVID NOQ record (positive or close contact) is no Bid Line Adjustments are allowed – to include participating in the View/Add window.
  • If you are a presumed COVID positive or assume you are COVID positive but do not, for any reason, have an actual positive test result, please contact ALPA via DART or phone call so we can help guide you. We have had recent situations where pilots were led to believe they would be afforded all the pay protections of the Medical MOU without a positive COVID test and were disappointed when those pay protections didn’t apply. 
  • The Medical MOU provides pay protection for COVID positive pilots and close contact pilots ordered to quarantine for trips with guarantee. Note that VLT/DFT/AVA trips do not earn guarantee until block out.