Jumpseat Information

Use this information to log in to the MyIDTravel page below

Employing Airline: FedEx
User: FXstaff
Password: 023

Attention American Airlines commuters:

The pre-listing site ID90.com has changed. Please use the link above for MyIDTravel.

American Airlines New Jumpseat “Meal Listing”
Vendor: myIDTravel.com

Beginning June 4, 2013, American Airlines (AA) will officially change their “meal listing” vendor/ platform to myIDTravel.com. The current Listing Tool for AA meal listings, provided by ID90.com will remain operational until June 4. Pilots (and flight attendants) are encouraged to begin using the myIDTravel.com procedure now in order to become familiar with the new format. The ID90.com Listing Tool can be used as a back up method until June 4, 2013. After that date, myIDTravel will be the only available online platform. The procedure is outlined below.

A “generic airline user” link, provided by myIDTravel.com, has been developed for the purpose of AA jumpseat meal listings.


  • Use only the “generic airline user” login/link above to avoid defaulting to the non-generic, but similar looking, myIDTravel.com login page. The non-generic login page will not work for jumpseat/commuter meal listings. When logging out of the generic version, subsequent log-ins may default to the non-generic link, so be careful to ensure the above link is correctly loaded in your web browser.
    • Listing via myIDTravel is available via the link above and may be used now. The Listing Tool provided by ID90.com may be used as a back up until June 4, 2013, after which it will be retired.
    • As with the ID90.com Listing Tool, the myIDTravel.com listing is strongly recommended and preferred by AA in order to expedite the process for Delta pilots requesting the jumpseat on AA and its affiliates, American Eagle and American Connection.
    • AA agents are able adjust a particular meal misting for a specific flight and apply it to an earlier or later flight on the same day between the same selected city pairs when necessary at the jumpseat rider’s request.
    • Existing meal listings can be rolled to ensuing AA flights as requested by the jumpseater when accommodations are not available on the desired flight.
    • The AA non-revenue listing number, (888) WEFLYAA, remains operational during normal business hours of 8:00AM to 2:00AM Central Time. Note, however, that wait times can be lengthy and agents will often direct off line personnel to list online during heavy call volume periods.

Follow the procedure below when using myIDTravel.com for meal listings on American Airlines and affiliates, American Eagle and American Connection.

American Airlines Meal Listing Procedure Using myIDTravel.com:

  1. Go to: https://myidtravel.com/myidlisting – Takes you to the “generic airline user” login page
  2. Login page:
  • Select Employing Airline from the drop-down menu:
    • User Name: FXstaff
    • Password: 023
    Note: User name is case sensitive as depicted
    Note: It is very important that the above link be entered exactly as indicated since this is a specially created generic link intended to provide jumpseat/commuter meal listing capability. Logging out of the site may cause an ensuing login default to a non-generic version of myIDTravel.com, so ensure the link is entered properly as https://myidtravel.com/myidlisting
  1. Privacy Statement page: Confirm that you have read and understand the Privacy Statement, then click “next.”
  2. Welcome page: Select “Commuter Travel” from the navigation menu bar on the Welcome page.
    Note: The Commuter Travel option allows listings for jumpseat and/or cabin flow back purposes, regardless of reason or need (e.g. Personal, or Commuting).
  3. Commuter Travel page:
  • Enter your employee information in the corresponding fields, being sure to check the box confirming that you are an active staff member (employee).
    Note: Enter your six-digit Delta employee number as the Staff-ID
    Note: All dates must be entered by the format indicated (dd.mm.yyyy) with a period between the day, month, and year.

    • Select American Airlines in the drop-down menu.
    ENSURE that the box is checked confirming that you are and active staff member before clicking “next.”
    • When all information is entered, click “next.”
  1. Flight Schedule Display page:
  • This page shows a list of scheduled flights available based on the city pair(s) entered on the Commuter Travel Page.
    • Select the desired flight(s), and click “next” at the bottom right corner of the page.
    • After reviewing the information in the “Shopping Basket,” click “next” again.
  1. APIS/Secure Flight page: Enter your DOB in the format indicated (dd.mm.yyyy), and click “next.”
  2. Contact Information page: Enter appropriate contact information in the fields provided, then click “next.”
    Note: Only one phone number is required on the first phone number line. An email confirmation of your listing will be sent to the email address you provide.
  3. Confirmation page: Be sure to print, write down, or save the “Booking Reference”/Confirmation code, often referred to as a PNR or record locator. If requested, present this PNR to the AA agent when requesting the jumpseat.