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FedEx Express

Segal Consulting

“Segal’s actuarial services can help plan sponsors forecast plan funding requirements, identify available options and explore alternatives for plan funding, measure assumptions and highlight changes and trends. Our services include:

  • Annual actuarial valuations for funding and accounting purposes
  • Assisting clients in developing funding strategies, including achieving desired funding targets
  • Analyzing alternatives in funding methods, asset smoothing methods and amortization of unfunded liabilities
  • Developing actuarial assumptions and preparing experience studies
  • Financial risk mitigation studies

Our established method for performing an actuarial valuation defines the sequence, methodology and quality control for the project. We have found that these procedures ensure a quality actuarial product and communicate the results in a clear manner.”*


  • Enrolled Actuary for the FedEx Corporation Employees’ Pension Plan
  • Assists FedEx in Pension Plan Administration
  • Memphis, Tennessee

“In the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, delivering health and retirement benefits that are competitive, cost-effective, and compliant with new legislation takes vigilance and expertise. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer allows your HR department to weather the changes while keeping your strategic mission on course.

At Mercer, we’re focused on delivering health and retirement benefits that produce tangible, measurable outcomes tied to your strategic business goals. Outsourcing benefits administration to Mercer can help relieve the headaches of running a benefits program: cost increases, administrative burdens, pension risks, and legislative issues. Mercer’s innovative approach to benefits administration streamlines the process for you while educating employees and empowering them to make better decisions.”*

Blitzstein Consulting (David Blitzstein)

“Blitzstein Consulting LLC is dedicated to advising Labor Unions, Multiemployer benefit trusts and VEBAs. Mr. Blitzstein specializes in assisting funds that are financially troubled, restructuring plan workouts that are based on long term sustainability. In addition, Mr. Blitzstein provides professional trustee/fiduciary services to benefit trusts, building on 30 years of trustee assignments on thirteen multiemployer pension and health funds.”*


  • Actuarial, Financial, and Retirement Plan Design Consultant for the FedEx MEC
  • Washington, DC

“Cheiron offers a range of pension actuarial consulting services, from supplemental services that augment the work of your current actuary to a comprehensive suite of services which we provide as your fund’s main actuary.

Cheiron offers an impressive list of supplemental pension actuarial consulting services. For example, we can perform:

  • Ad-hoc studies on plan experience, benefits design, and financing approaches,
  • Specialized studies on emerging trends in plan design,
  • ALM studies with a focus on helping trustees better understand the risks inherent in pension plans,
  • Design and develop customized technology applications such as web-enabled benefit calculators, funding (budget) projections systems, and customized administration and employee communication systems.”*

*These descriptions were taken from Segal, Mercer, Blitzstein, and Cheiron websites.